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100% of money raised helps couples offset the cost of fertility treatments, adoption or surrogacy.

100% of money raised helps couples offset the cost of fertility treatments, adoption or surrogacy.


Raise $20,000 in ONE WEEK!

$4,719 of $20,000 raised

With $20,000 raised we will be able to award four $5,000 grants.

During this week we are asking any and all to donate at least $5.00

All money raised during this week goes 100% to helping couples offset the cost of IVF, IUI, Adoption, and Surrogacy. 

This is the season of giving so help us give the gift of JOY through fertility grants!

Each day throughout the week of October 14-20, we will be giving away a bundle of fun items. Prizes include a swaddle from Modern Burlap, fun prints from Sarah Ann Paper Co, and more! Every day you can donate at least $5 to be entered to win the daily prize. 

Be sure to check us out on Instagram to view what we are giving away that day.


About 1 in 8 couples across the United States deal with some form of infertility. There are good chances that someone you know has had, is currently having, or will have difficulties with conceiving a child. To the outside world, they appear to be normal couples. But not everyone sees the internal struggle that they face every. single. day. 

One of the biggest roadblocks to starting fertility treatments is money. On average, one round of IVF costs $12,000 to $15,000, and most insurance companies do not cover infertility. 

Having dealt with infertility themselves, Chase and Tedi Palmer decided they wanted to try and make a difference. In March 2016, during their 2nd IVF cycle, with the help of close friends, they started The Hope for Fertility Foundation. A nonprofit organization whose purpose is to raise infertility awareness, to provide financial support, and most importantly, bring HOPE back into the lives of couples who feel that there is none. 

Our mission is: “To provide HOPE to couples struggling in their journey to creating or expanding their families, by helping them tell their story, by spreading infertility awareness, and providing financial assistance through grants and fundraisers.