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Dr. Conway - Tuesday April 23, 2024

Dr. Conway's passion for reproductive endocrinology stems from the rapidly evolving and cutting-edge nature of the field. She has won numerous research and teaching awards and she enjoys educating patients throughout the course of their infertility journey. Her particular areas of interest include fertility preservations, polycystic ovary syndrome, and premature ovarian insufficiency.

Christine Davis - Wednesday April 24, 2024

Christine is a Licensed Acupuncturist and director at Pulling Down the Moon, a holistic care fertility center in Chicago. Through her unique training in Oriental Medicine and Chinese herbology, she aims to help people achieve maximum, lasting wellness by giving them the tools to heal themselves through moderation and balance.

Tara Lipinski & Happy Beginnings - Thursday April 25, 2024

Tara Lipinski is a U.S. Olympic gold medalist, sports broadcaster and host of her podcast "Unexpecting". She utilized Happy Beginnings surrogacy agency during her infertility journey and is an advocate for their emphasis on egg donation and gestational surrogacy.

Dr. Hotaling - Thursday April 25, 2024

Dr. James Hotaling is currently the highest volume Male Infertility expert in the Intermountain West. His outcomes for micro-surgical Testicular Sperm Extraction (microTESE) are excellent. His practice consists exclusively of Male Infertility, Men's Health, Erectile Dysfunction, and surgical management of Testicular Pain and Peyronie's Disease.

Dr. Anna Packard - Friday April 26, 2024

Dr. Anna Packard is a licensed clinical psychologist with a specialty in women's issues. With over a decade of clinical experience, she is passionate about helping women heal their complicated relationships with their bodies and live more joyfully embodied and empowered.

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