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Mental Health

Support services for Utahns who are struggling to build their families | Providing Support, Education, and Awareness for Utah's Infertility Community.

Provides clients with quality behavioral healthcare, with caring and compassionate therapists who are committed to helping clients on their healing journey. Located in Utah County, Utah.


"Choosing the Right Fertility Path for You" - Mastering your Infertility

"Overcoming Perfectionism" - Mastering your Infertility

"Infertility and Grieving Differently" - Infertility Feelings

"10 Simple Ways to Feel Better Right Now" - Fearless Infertility

Other Resources

Infant CPR offers $1000 IVF Grants for first-time parents. They believe that every hopeful parent should be given an equal opportunity to experience the joys of parenthood and their grants are offered yearly.