Grant Recipients

The Redd's - Utah (2017)

Infertility is so prevalent, and the cost for fertility treatments are so prohibitively expensive, and this community needs the aid and awareness that this Foundation is providing. The members of this organization have put so much time and energy into establishing this Foundation and raising funds in order to help people like us... [W]e will forever be grateful to every person who has been involved in The Hope for Fertility Foundation for their generosity.

The Giorgianni's - Virginia (2017)

From the very first moment we made contact with Hope for Fertility Foundation, we were treated with such respect, consideration and compassion. The process was absolutely wonderful from beginning to end! This foundation is such an remarkable gift to couples like us who have a dream and are praying for a way to fulfill it. When we found out we were awarded a grant, we were overwhelmed and just couldn't believe that there were strangers out there that cared about us and helping us grow our family! There are no words to explain how thankful we are for this grant and for this foundation and all those individuals associated with making it possible! Thank you to [everyone at] the Hope of Fertility Foundation for being such an incredible blessing to our family!

The Thompson's - Utah (2017)

Shortly after meeting, we had a strong desire to have children and start our family. We knew we wanted to experience the joy of watching them embrace life. We have had set backs that require IVF, an expensive process that is difficult to prepare for. Our dream of having children seemed so far out of reach, and we knew we needed help. The grant gave us hope. When we received the news we immediately felt like things were possible and that we weren't alone in our struggles. The Hope for Fertility Foundation gives strength to those who struggle with infertility. They help give infertility a voice. We can't wait until our family grows and it will be in part because of he hope and financial assistance we received from The Hope for Fertility Foundation. They help make a couples biggest dreams come true, and we are so grateful for them.

The Souza's - Massachusetts (2018)

Our struggles with infertility is just a part of our story but it will not be the end. We are incredibly grateful to The Hope for Fertility Foundation for giving us the hope and dreams of allowing us another chance to become amazing parents.

The Witte's - Washington (2018)

We both feel incredibly grateful to be awarded a grant from The Hope for Fertility Foundation. Without their help we really don't know how we would have overcome the financial burden of IVF. When we met and fell in love the word "infertility" never crossed our minds. But as the months turned into years, our dream of having a baby turned into an emotional nightmare. Although we still have a way to go with our journey, we are optimistic that our time to be parents is on the horizon. Words cannot completely express how much we appreciate The Hope for Fertility Foundation and the hope they give to so many couples like us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and baby dust wishes to all the couples who are battling infertility!

Sarah and Adam Freeman (Brewer, ME)

Sarah and Adam Freeman - Brewer, ME (2019)

Sarah and Adam Freeman have been trying to build their family for nine years. Sarah is a teacher and Adam is a letter carrier with United States Postal Service. They went through an extensive diagnostic process before undergoing 5 IUI (intrauterine insemination) cycles and 2 IVF (invitro fertilization) cycles. They were ecstatic to find out Sarah was pregnant after their second IVF, but devastatingly, Sarah suffered a miscarriage early on in the pregnancy. Despite all the emotions, disappointment and heartache, they have both remained positive and expectant for their chance to become parents. Sarah and Adam are hoping for a chance to be able to hold their baby for the first time, rocking him/her to sleep each night, and watching their baby grow.

Chenoa and Tim Harrington (Missoula, MT)

Chenoa and Tim Harrington - Missoula, MT (2019)

Chenoa and Tim Harrington have dedicated their lives to helping others. Chenoa works in the education consulting business where she focuses on helping college students navigate the loan process, and Tim is a K9 handler with the Missoula Police Department. They have been dealing with infertility for six years. They have done five unsuccessful IUI’s and plan to try IVF next. Chenoa and Tim claim that The Beatles got one thing indisputably right: life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. They certainly didn’t anticipate struggling with fertility in their attempts to build a family, but they would both adamantly argue that the process has brought them closer together and strengthened their love for one another.

Sheila and Matt Long (Salt Lake City, UT)

Sheila and Matt Long - Salt Lake City, UT (2019)

Sheila and Matt Long have been through a lot in just a few short years. Sheila was pregnant with their first baby in 2017. However, at her 20 week ultrasound their sweet baby girl was diagnosed with anencephaly—a fatal defect in which the baby's skull and brain never form. They were devastated and pained with grief. During the removal of her baby, Sheila’s cervix was cut, and she lost a lot of blood. Doctors ultimately performed a hysterectomy and she lost the ability to carry their future children. Sheila and Matt have used this time to grow closer together, work intentionally and tirelessly to heal, and move forward in other forms of family planning. They are now pursuing IVF with a gestational surrogate.

Jennifer Marianni and Marissa Marchese (Philadelphia, PA)

Jennifer Marianni and Marissa Marchese - Philadelphia, PA (2019)

In two years, Jenn and Marissa did 6 IUI’s, 2 egg retrievals, 3 frozen embryo transfers to finally get pregnant—but they still had a rough fight ahead. Jenn had some complications early on in the pregnancy, but it all came to a head when her water broke at 20 weeks pregnant. They were sent home and Jenn was on strict bedrest where they worked hard to give their daughter a fighting chance. Jenn was admitted to the hospital at 23 weeks and stayed there until giving birth at 29 weeks. Their little Isabella was born very sick. She fought hard for her Moms, but only lived six days. Isabella changed Jenn and Marissa’s lives forever, and she will always be in their hearts. They are ready for a rainbow baby to be added to their family.

Amanda and Andrew Ott (Cedar Falls, IA)

Amanda and Andrew Ott - Cedar Falls, IA (2019)

Amanda and Andrew Ott have been trying to find an answer to their fertility problems for 10 years, three surgeries, countless clomid pills, and a few IUI’s. After removing a massive fibroid that was blocking the entire cavity of her uterus, things were looking up. However, after another IUI, Amanda was still not pregnant. A few years passed where they kept trying but the negative pregnancy tests were adding up. Amanda had another fibroid removed early this year, and now they look forward to starting the IVF process and are hopeful they’ll finally beat infertility.

Amy and Kolby Rollins (Lyman, WY)

Amy and Kolby Rollins - Lyman, WY (2019)

While preparing to have a second child, Amy and Kolby Rollins were given the frustrating diagnosis of unexplained secondary infertility. They tried three IUI’s and then felt like IVF was their answer. Their IVF journey began, and they were so excited when they found out Amy was expecting. However, at their first ultrasound appointment at six weeks the couple discovered that Amy was experiencing an ectopic pregnancy. Their hearts were broken as they explained to their five-year-old son that there was no longer a baby in mommy’s tummy. Amy and Kolby are looking to do an FET (frozen embryo transfer) to try and add to their family.

Sharlee and Colten Smith (Garland, UT)

Sharlee and Colten Smith - Garland, UT (2019)

Sharlee and Colten Smith spent the first three years of their marriage trying to find an answer to their infertility. Sharlee was diagnosed with PCOS and after doing explorative surgery only to find multiple polyps, cysts covering her uterus, and a non-functioning fallopian tube, things could have seemed pretty hopeless. However, with the help of a great doctor, the couple began the IVF process. After a harrowing pregnancy with multiple complications, their son was born. They are excited to try an FET and potentially add a sibling for their son.

Anna and Jason Wilson (Travis Air Force Base, CA)

Anna and Jason Wilson - Travis Air Force Base, CA (2019)

Anna and Jason Wilson have been trying to have a baby for over 10 years now. Anna has been diagnosed with endometriosis and Jason has some unexplained infertility factor as well. They have always wanted children, but as a military family they have not always had access to fertility specialists. Anna and Jason have recently returned to the United States after living in Okinawa, Japan for seven years. They attempted to adopt in Japan but were unsuccessful. For a long time, they haven’t had a lot of hope. However, now that they live close to a fertility center, they are jumping at the chance to begin an IVF cycle so they can grow their family.