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Infertility Warrior of the Week, Jenni and Alex

When we first realized we needed help trying to conceive after a year of trying, our first reaction was pretty standard: “Nah. No. Not us. It’s probably just a fluke. We probably just aren’t timing it right, taking the right supplements, exercising enough, etc.” For the next four and a half years we saw specialists, took oodles of supplements, got acupuncture, went on a very restrictive diet, exercised more, exercised less, meditated, crowed to the moon at midnight, only drank pink liquids (okay, those last two we didn’t do, but you get the picture). Alongside all of that, we went on a long journey of tests, 6 IUIs, and 2 IVF cycles. At first we, and the doctors, couldn’t figure out what the issue was. But after our miscarriage of two blighted ovums and our first IVF cycle producing 14 oocytes all of which had failed, it was pretty clear that my eggs were struggling. Thankfully we have a wonderful RE who was incredibly supportive and worked closely with us to create the right protocol. Our second IVF produced much better results and we transferred three fertilized eggs on day three. One of which grabbed on and is growing into a healthy boy. We are now pregnant and due July 2019, and we couldn’t be more excited and thankful. The best possible advice I’ve heard during this journey is, “Don’t give up. Give yourself time to be angry, sad, and frustrated, then get back in there and try again.” Much love and wishes to all of you during your journey.

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Jenni and Alex Infertility Warrior of the Week

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