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Warrior of the Week | Angela and Bryant

Hey y’all! We are Angela and Bryant! My husband and I knew that we were ready to be parents about a year into our marriage, and couldn’t wait for that time to come. Two and a half years went by and nothing had happened so we decided to visit the doctor again and got referred to a fertility specialist.

Our first appointment was overwhelming and we took the next 6 months to pray and decide how we wanted to move forward. We went through all our first initial rounds of testing and then we waited for the results. The news we got was devastating. We had a 1% chance of conceiving children naturally. They explained our options to us and we had to make a decision whether to continue to pay more specialists or to jump in all the way and begin the IVF process. They told us IVF would be our best option. We didn’t know how or when we could come up with the money, but we knew we served a big God, so we began to pray for a miracle in any way He saw fit. We signed up for an IVF class, and the first day of our class we were blessed by someone gifting us the full amount for our procedure.

In July of 2016 I started all my injections daily. I had an egg retrieval procedure, and then August 20th, 2016 at 8:53am as my husband sat beside me holding my hand and we prayed in the operating room I had my embryo transfer procedure. Nine days later I went and had my blood drawn. After a 4.5 year battle with infertility they confirmed that I was pregnant! I’m thankful how God orchestrated every moment of this journey and I encourage all of you to never give up on your dream! We are the proud parents of our son Lincoln who lights up our lives!

Angela and Bryant share their infertility story

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