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Warrior of the Week | Kendall & Clay

My husband and I got together almost 10 years ago. Right away we both knew we wanted kids, but my husband had been told that he may never have kids by a doctor. So it was a big surprise we got pregnant while dating. Unfortunately we got our first angel baby. After getting married we decided to try again with no luck. That’s when New Leaders in Fertility and Endocrinology came into our lives. After testing we found out we definitely had a male factor infertility problem. But our doctor made us feel so confident and let us know they were there for us through everything. So we went with IVF. Great news we had 4 eggs that fertilized. But by day 5 we only had 1 egg still going strong. Thankfully our 1 little egg was a warrior and we now have our beautiful son.

Fast forward 2 years we decided to go through IVF all over again. This time we had 6 eggs make it to day five! We were over the moon! We transferred 1 egg in August and unfortunately we gained another angel baby. My husband has been so amazing through this whole experience and giving me strength to keep going forward. We thawed another embryo in November and it stuck! We are now 12 weeks pregnant!

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