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Warrior of the Week, Kristan and Kevin

Hi! My name Is Kristan and my husband is Kevin. 15 years ago I was diagnosed with endometriosis. I was only 15 years old. It was devastating. I had two surgeries before I was 19. At 20 my doctors told me that I may never have kids . It was pure heartbreak. I met my now husband shortly after. I was open with him and he was so supportive. After being together for a year we decided to try and get pregnant. After months of not conceiving I talked to my doctors on what we could do. He said with the severity of my diagnosis we were to be transferred to a specialist. We made an appointment with Heartland Center for Reproductive Medicine. After meeting with them and doing additional testing I found out that I also have a thyroid issue. I was being put on a medication to help. We then started hormone therapy and medication to help get me pregnant. When that didn’t work, we then added in an IUI. After another failed attempt they reassured us to not give up. We went and did another IUI with medication, and we got pregnant. My daughter is now 6, and we are so blessed! Although we have her, we haven’t given up on expanding our family! We now have tried for 5 years to get a sibling for her. We have seen numerous doctors, and tried numerous medications. In 2017 I got pregnant with our second child to then find out I was having a miscarriage. My whole world was crushed! We still have not given up. Although we have decided that infertility treatments are not in store for us right now, we have decided that God is leading us in the direction of adoption. We have pursued some agencies! We had an interview and unfortunately did not get accepted this time around. Again, we are not giving up. We are currently meeting with another agency soon. I know we have a greater purpose, and our family will expand! For everyone who is struggling you are not alone! I pray for you! Thanks for listening to my story!

You can find Kristan here:
Instagram: @speakupspeakout_infertility

Kristan and Kevin Warrior of the Week

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