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Kip and Ty Share their Journey

kip russell and his daughter

My wife and I dated for 10 years. We’ve been married 6 years now. When we first got married we tried right away to have a child doing the typical things like monitoring ovulation and hoping for the best. After the first year we were getting a little frustrated but were in no hurry so as the second year moved on we started to think maybe something is wrong. All our friends made it looks so easy. Since we were never using any sort of birth control while dating and now nearly two years of trying we decided maybe we should get checked out. The pattern was already there of period, new month, monitor cycle, have sex and hope we get pregnant, when pregnancy test or my wife’s period came she would be in a funk for a few days. I would do my best to pick up her spirits but by year 3 we were both worn down. We both got checked out for infertility issues and my wife simply had unexplained infertility issues. It took a few more months of talking my wife into taking some action. From her upbringing this was very taboo and she is very private. Finally we agreed we were willing to put our toes in the water and tried a few rounds of IUI, Clomid etc. I think this put extra pressure on my wife. No it was more real and that she needed to DELIVER or get pregnant. If she got a negative she cried and took a few months off to get her head back into it. After trying this several times we took the next steps to IVF. At this point 4 years in we had to try being in our mid thirties. Fortunately it worked out the first time around and we have a beautiful daughter Riley. I actually wrote this song before Riley was born and before we got our positive test results. I’m a big believer that if you speak it into the universe things will come true. That’s why in the lyrics I say “first time she held her son” I didn’t actually know what we were having 🙂 Fortunately we had a beautiful baby girl who I love more than anything in the world and I’m fortunate to share our story with the world. Infertility affects so many people around me including my closest friends and family. I hope this song helps bring to light their story and helps people talk about it more freely.

kip russell and his daughter and wife

Kip is a song writer and this song is amazing! You can check it out here:

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