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Rachel and Ryan Share Their Infertility Journey

Infertility is a disease most often battled in silence, and up until now that is exactly how it has been for us. It all started 10 years ago when I began my fertility testing because I felt there was something terribly wrong.  I failed to get pregnant at the age of 27 when I was told that I had “unexplained infertility”. Fast forward till present day (I’m now 37) and have never been able to have a child; and after seeing a Reproductive  Endocrinologist in 2016, I was given the diagnosis of diminished ovarian reserve. We immediately began IVF at the recommendation of my specialist. I made countless changes to my lifestyle (diet, acupuncture, fertility massage, counseling, support groups, supplements, positive affirmations and practicing mindfulness). Over the past 2 years we have undergone  5 fresh cycles and 1 frozen cycle, all of which were unsuccessful due to my condition. Last fall, for the 1st time EVER we had a positive pregnancy after our 4th fresh cycle. Our happiest time ever, ended rather quickly. Only 2 days after, in November 2017, my levels dropped and I miscarried. Each failed cycle has been heartbreaking and has brought loss and grief to our lives. After our 5th unsuccessful IVF attempt, we were told that at this point in our journey that a donor egg cycle was recommended. We are ALWAYS praying for a miracle. It is so hard to wait around for something that we know may never happen; but it is even harder to give up. The pain and struggles we have been faced with has made us a stronger couple. And in December of 2018 we had our 6th IVF cycle. We transferred 1 embryo and we are now pregnant with twin girls! We couldn’t be happier!

Rachel and Ryan share their infertility journey

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